I suppose true wealth is entirely relative right.  At one point in your life I am sure you can remember when a certain something seemed very expensive to you.  But as your bank account grows you begin to value things differently right?  I may see $1000 dollar computer as a very expensive item as a blue collar middle classer.  But if I am a millionaire…. then suddenly a $1000 computer is not expensive but simply a sound investment.


I know they say money is a way of keeping track of things, but the value of the dollar becomes subjective depending I think on how much you actually rely on it.  If you are living paycheck to paycheck hanging on every dollar that goes in and out of your account then you place a greater value on the dollar.  People that are truly wealthy place a value on being wealthy, not on the dollar itself, because the dollar loses value to those who don’t need them as much.


It is somewhat of an odd economic system that we live in then creating a monetary value which may be more or less than your own mental value of the same dollar.  It has created quite a huge gap between the middle class and the entrepreneurial class.  All the way down to the core of the mentality of each class.  The very way they look at money is different, one sees restriction and budget, one sees the ability to invest and make more.  One sees the need for savings, one says never save just make more.  The very core beliefs of these two sides of the coin are drastically different.