The Middle Class

Ok guys here it is, prepare for a rant…..

I am an entrepreneur, but a struggling one.  I haven’t “made” it yet.  I don’t have 3 Ferraris and a Lambo in the garage to go along with my jet…. but i listen to guys who do.  Guys like Grant Cardone.  I have been heavily influenced in how I view the Middle Class as of late.  Though I am a business owner, I am very much still in the Middle Class.

The Middle Class was something that was created when the nation was booming.  Prior to that America consisted of the Upper class, and the working class.  There was a large gap between them.  The middle class was essentially created as a massive amount of jobs were formed due to factories and such when america was more in the Industrial age in the earlier 1900’s to 1950’s.  Well I don’t know if you noticed, but technology is ramping up drastically.  And like it or not, those jobs are not being created at the pace they once were, as a matter or fact they are slowly going away.  I don’t care what the media wants to portray it as but unemployment numbers still have not recovered since 2008, nor has the average annual household income which was $54k/year in 2008.  Today it stands at $52k/year.  But prices of goods and services have certainly gone up since 2008, and continue to rise.  Inflation may not be happening at an alarming rate, though economists will tell you its not happening at all.  But if the average household income has not been what it has in the last 8 years, then those lousy 3% percent cost of living raises that you may or may not be getting every year, isn’t actually covering anything.  Because the truth is that you are still behind where you once were in 2008 with lower costs of goods and a higher household income.  Is it any wonder that none of us have a savings account any longer?  That the entire middle class lives paycheck to paycheck.  I mean we all have a responsibility to live within our means but if you are having kids and trying to run a household and living the “american dream”.  It’s miserable.  You know why the number one thing that married couples fight about is money… becuase there isn’t ANY… and the middle class is the largest group of the entire population of america.  You know who doesn’t argue about money, people that have it.  (that may not be entirely true but you get the point)

The middles class is getting squeezed and eventually anything that gets squeezed hard enough bursts…. I don’t know what the country will look like at that point, but I don’t want to walk my two kids in to a future of that.  I am doing everything I can to break out of the middle class.  I started my own company and its going well but not well enough for me to invest in anything else yet.  When I can make my money create more wealth for me, that will be when things will start happening, until then I am just a guy that runs a Memphis tree service trying to provide for my family.  I hope you can do the same for yours, and I hope you can find a way to break out of that glass ceiling and get out of the middle class.