Money isn’t money anymore

I have been studying a lot about financial history as of late, and attempting to have a more complete understanding of the shaky economics system that our country is built upon.  The more I learn the more it is simply astonishing.

I have never wanted to be one that “plays the game”.  I have always wanted to do my own thing my own way.  But when it comes to the world of money and how backwards everything works in this country, there’s no other choice but to play their game their way!

Money is no longer money, I have learned that you have to look at finances as the amount of leverage you can use/apply to something, not as paper money.  The reason being is that the amount of dollars that are represented in this country digitally, are far more than are in actual existence.  So perceived value is greater than actual value, thats why when there is a scare and people start pulling their money out of the bank the bank freaks out, thats why they freeze assets, so they don’t get into trouble because they have legally loaned out $20 for every $1 that you put in the bank.  It’s LUDACRIS!

It is imperative that you begin to understand that what mommy and daddy taught you is not good enough anymore.  A college education with a solid job is simply going to get you a mountain of debt and a lifetime of stress with the absolute inability to save money.  Wealth and comfortable living will be a pipedream.

The only way for us to break through the glass ceiling and succeed is to be able to invest in and own assets.  Assets accrue and reflect wealth because its not money, as the value of the dollar continues to go down it takes more dollars to buy an asset, so the value of the asset increases (whether it truly does or not) simply because the dollar decreases.

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You must begin to own your finances.  Screw everyone else who wants to dip into your pockets, make them wait, your family comes first.  Hustle and make enough money that you can begin to make some wise investments!  It truly is our only hope at this point. I do not want to leave the legacy of the middle class to my kids.