Life or Debt

These really are the only options are they not…. though it baffles me today that so many people find it ok to try and do both.  That use debt to try and live life.  Focusing on the temporary satisfactions of today rather than the long term effects that things have.  I am not preaching, I am in this very same boat at times. I carry credit card debt, I have had to cash out a 401k before…. I suppose I justify it by the amount never being unreasonable.  I have gotten out of debt 3 times and as it sits right now have around $6000 that needs to be paid off which I have a plan in place to accomplish that this year.

I watched a new shoe the other day on Spike TV that I enjoyed called Life or Debt…. where a finance expert goes in to “failing homes” and assesses their home like a business and helps make the necessary fixes to adjust their finances.  This last episode had a family that was $300,000 in debt, and hadn’t paid a mortgage payment in two years, yet continued to spend $1000 a month on a personal makeup artist and they had fancy cars, the whole 9 yards right.  Looked wealthy on the outside…. Could all come crashing down at any moment.  I have been in bad situations before, but as a Father and a Husband I can not imagine placing my family in that kind of position.  That would be devastating for me.  I don’t mean to sit on a soap box because my debt is manageable, at the end of the day it is still debt, I still have trouble saving, and I don’t have a retirement or a college fund set aside, and time is running out.  So I feel that same pressure.  All in all it was an interesting show and helps continually put things in perspective for how we need to be responsible with our money.