Money isn’t money anymore

I have been studying a lot about financial history as of late, and attempting to have a more complete understanding of the shaky economics system that our country is built upon.  The more I learn the more it is simply astonishing.

I have never wanted to be one that “plays the game”.  I have always wanted to do my own thing my own way.  But when it comes to the world of money and how backwards everything works in this country, there’s no other choice but to play their game their way!

Money is no longer money, I have learned that you have to look at finances as the amount of leverage you can use/apply to something, not as paper money.  The reason being is that the amount of dollars that are represented in this country digitally, are far more than are in actual existence.  So perceived value is greater than actual value, thats why when there is a scare and people start pulling their money out of the bank the bank freaks out, thats why they freeze assets, so they don’t get into trouble because they have legally loaned out $20 for every $1 that you put in the bank.  It’s LUDACRIS!

It is imperative that you begin to understand that what mommy and daddy taught you is not good enough anymore.  A college education with a solid job is simply going to get you a mountain of debt and a lifetime of stress with the absolute inability to save money.  Wealth and comfortable living will be a pipedream.

The only way for us to break through the glass ceiling and succeed is to be able to invest in and own assets.  Assets accrue and reflect wealth because its not money, as the value of the dollar continues to go down it takes more dollars to buy an asset, so the value of the asset increases (whether it truly does or not) simply because the dollar decreases.

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You must begin to own your finances.  Screw everyone else who wants to dip into your pockets, make them wait, your family comes first.  Hustle and make enough money that you can begin to make some wise investments!  It truly is our only hope at this point. I do not want to leave the legacy of the middle class to my kids.


Ok, I really didn’t want to stray into politics here but it seems as I won’t be able to stay away from it.

This image below came across my facebook feed earlier today as it probably did some of yours regarding the proposed taxing plan:


Now, I am not an economics expert by any means though I know enough to honestly believe that the experts usually have no idea what they are talking about, but if this graphic has a hint of truth about it then America is in even more trouble under Sanders than it currently is economically.  I’ve already spoken about the squeeze of the middle class here, this will be exacerbated under Sanders.

What you can not read in the graphic is whats in the yellow at the bottom, this number is the total annual taxes that would be paid for the family of 4 making $80k. Keep in mind that the average household income is $52k, not $80k…

The totals read yearly taxes under Trump =$11,620

taxes under Sanders = $27,700


This means based that on the current tax code that the $103 per week would be a surplus for the family from what they keep now, so there taxes would DECREASE by $103 dollars a week, that’s $400 bucks a month folks, that’s a car note.

And on the opposing side, it means that the taxes for Sanders will be an INCREASE of $206 per week, which is $800 bucks a month, which is 2 car notes.  Do you know any middle class family that can afford 2 extra car notes?


This is a $16,000 a year  difference for middle class families.  This is absurd on top of the fact that goods and services have never cost more, and the average household income still has not recovered from 2008.  The middle class absolutely can not afford another hit of this magnitude and survive.  We are in for some hard times if these numbers are true.

Life or Debt

These really are the only options are they not…. though it baffles me today that so many people find it ok to try and do both.  That use debt to try and live life.  Focusing on the temporary satisfactions of today rather than the long term effects that things have.  I am not preaching, I am in this very same boat at times. I carry credit card debt, I have had to cash out a 401k before…. I suppose I justify it by the amount never being unreasonable.  I have gotten out of debt 3 times and as it sits right now have around $6000 that needs to be paid off which I have a plan in place to accomplish that this year.

I watched a new shoe the other day on Spike TV that I enjoyed called Life or Debt…. where a finance expert goes in to “failing homes” and assesses their home like a business and helps make the necessary fixes to adjust their finances.  This last episode had a family that was $300,000 in debt, and hadn’t paid a mortgage payment in two years, yet continued to spend $1000 a month on a personal makeup artist and they had fancy cars, the whole 9 yards right.  Looked wealthy on the outside…. Could all come crashing down at any moment.  I have been in bad situations before, but as a Father and a Husband I can not imagine placing my family in that kind of position.  That would be devastating for me.  I don’t mean to sit on a soap box because my debt is manageable, at the end of the day it is still debt, I still have trouble saving, and I don’t have a retirement or a college fund set aside, and time is running out.  So I feel that same pressure.  All in all it was an interesting show and helps continually put things in perspective for how we need to be responsible with our money.

The Middle Class

Ok guys here it is, prepare for a rant…..

I am an entrepreneur, but a struggling one.  I haven’t “made” it yet.  I don’t have 3 Ferraris and a Lambo in the garage to go along with my jet…. but i listen to guys who do.  Guys like Grant Cardone.  I have been heavily influenced in how I view the Middle Class as of late.  Though I am a business owner, I am very much still in the Middle Class.

The Middle Class was something that was created when the nation was booming.  Prior to that America consisted of the Upper class, and the working class.  There was a large gap between them.  The middle class was essentially created as a massive amount of jobs were formed due to factories and such when america was more in the Industrial age in the earlier 1900’s to 1950’s.  Well I don’t know if you noticed, but technology is ramping up drastically.  And like it or not, those jobs are not being created at the pace they once were, as a matter or fact they are slowly going away.  I don’t care what the media wants to portray it as but unemployment numbers still have not recovered since 2008, nor has the average annual household income which was $54k/year in 2008.  Today it stands at $52k/year.  But prices of goods and services have certainly gone up since 2008, and continue to rise.  Inflation may not be happening at an alarming rate, though economists will tell you its not happening at all.  But if the average household income has not been what it has in the last 8 years, then those lousy 3% percent cost of living raises that you may or may not be getting every year, isn’t actually covering anything.  Because the truth is that you are still behind where you once were in 2008 with lower costs of goods and a higher household income.  Is it any wonder that none of us have a savings account any longer?  That the entire middle class lives paycheck to paycheck.  I mean we all have a responsibility to live within our means but if you are having kids and trying to run a household and living the “american dream”.  It’s miserable.  You know why the number one thing that married couples fight about is money… becuase there isn’t ANY… and the middle class is the largest group of the entire population of america.  You know who doesn’t argue about money, people that have it.  (that may not be entirely true but you get the point)

The middles class is getting squeezed and eventually anything that gets squeezed hard enough bursts…. I don’t know what the country will look like at that point, but I don’t want to walk my two kids in to a future of that.  I am doing everything I can to break out of the middle class.  I started my own company and its going well but not well enough for me to invest in anything else yet.  When I can make my money create more wealth for me, that will be when things will start happening, until then I am just a guy that runs a Memphis tree service trying to provide for my family.  I hope you can do the same for yours, and I hope you can find a way to break out of that glass ceiling and get out of the middle class.


I suppose true wealth is entirely relative right.  At one point in your life I am sure you can remember when a certain something seemed very expensive to you.  But as your bank account grows you begin to value things differently right?  I may see $1000 dollar computer as a very expensive item as a blue collar middle classer.  But if I am a millionaire…. then suddenly a $1000 computer is not expensive but simply a sound investment.


I know they say money is a way of keeping track of things, but the value of the dollar becomes subjective depending I think on how much you actually rely on it.  If you are living paycheck to paycheck hanging on every dollar that goes in and out of your account then you place a greater value on the dollar.  People that are truly wealthy place a value on being wealthy, not on the dollar itself, because the dollar loses value to those who don’t need them as much.


It is somewhat of an odd economic system that we live in then creating a monetary value which may be more or less than your own mental value of the same dollar.  It has created quite a huge gap between the middle class and the entrepreneurial class.  All the way down to the core of the mentality of each class.  The very way they look at money is different, one sees restriction and budget, one sees the ability to invest and make more.  One sees the need for savings, one says never save just make more.  The very core beliefs of these two sides of the coin are drastically different.


Money Money Money

You know they say it isn’t everything.  But does anyone really believe that garbage?

I would like to assess the goods and the bads of wealth in today’s world.  What does it mean?  What would your life look like?  You know they say if you are an American you are in the top 2 percentile of wealthy people in the world.  Which is all good but why then am I so frustrated living paycheck to paycheck every week you ask?


Is wealth truly just surrounding a monetary value or is there more to it?

What does it mean to be successful?


Thanks for taking time out of your busy day, and we all know time is money, to read this.  This is what we will be discussing on this blog in the near future. So be sure to stop back by and check for recent posts


Peace out